No Jail Time for Dogfighters, Injustice for Victims


This is the face of dogfighting & injustice. Meet Honor, a gentle female pit bull who has had all of her teeth removed, a cruel practice by her abusers to ensure she would not harm the male dog during a forced mating. She was rescued on Thanksgiving 2012 during Animal Rescue Corps‘ “Operation Broken Chain” – a mission that saved nearly 70 dogs from the largest dog-fighting operation ever discovered in Tennessee. ARC volunteers nicknamed her Honor; she was fed peanut butter because she couldn’t chew.

We want you to share Honor’s story because although she is rescued, she did not get justice: Circuit Court JUDGE GEORGE SEXTON hands down suspended sentences to two of her abusers, Avery Bell & James Callis. NO JAIL TIME!!

Despite the no contest pleas, Judge George Sexton let them go free, and if they do not break the law, and comply with their probation terms, the sentence will most likely be dismissed.


From Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy who took in Honor, Harpo, Felicia and Eileen, it is a real blow to the campaign against dogfighting: “It is far too little, far too late. We can only hope these convictions lay the groundwork for harsher penalties in the future. With all of the cruelty in the world, we prefer not to hear additional calls for cruelty by wishing the same abuse on the abusers. Instead, we ask that you get involved in creating new and more comprehensive laws against animal abuse. Take a look at: to learn how you can help.”

From BSL News: What You Can Do to Fight Bully Breedism: “How could Judge George Sexton let these monsters go without being punished for committing countless heinous acts of cruelty? What kind of message does he think he is sending to the public? Or does he not care? Hearings for Gary Phelps and Arsenio Williams, the two other men charged in the case, are pending.”

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Judge George Sexton
Humphreys County Courthouse
102 Thompson Street, Room #205
Waverly, TN 37185

Grand jury indictment handed down on January 7, 2013: James Callis, Gary Phelps, Arsenio Williams and Avery Bell were charged with 1 count of animal fighting, 60 counts of animal cruelty and 1 count of aggravated cruelty to animals. Avery Bell was also charge with setting fire to personal property and burning without a permit. (Source: Opposing Views, Dog Fighting: Trial Set for 4 Men Charged with Animal Fighting, Animal Cruelty in Tennessee Dog-Fighting Operation)

These dogs deserve nothing more. Judge George Sexton should be ashamed.

Remember: DO NOT make violent comments — we understand this sentencing is a miscarriage of justice and it may anger you, but we’d like to keep this page clean from threats of violence/bodily harm.

Let’s direct that anger towards sharing this far and wide, CALL the judge to express your disappointment and KEEP YOUR COOL (When a threat is made against a judge, it can be considered obstruction of justice and is punishable by imprisonment). Thank you!

Photo credit: Amiee Stubbs Photography