“Monster” Holiday Drive 2012

Spread some holiday cheer for homeless pets waiting in no-kill shelters by donating toys, blankets & treats!*

Download the poster [PDF]

We believe that every pet waiting in a shelter for his/her forever home deserves the joy of play, the delight of treats and the comfort of warm beds. Donating pet toys, blankets, sheets & treats will help give every pet waiting at the no-kill shelters a special holiday gift and a more comfortable stay until they find their forever homes!

This initiative was inspired by toys on clearance. They sat unwanted, not unlike the pets waiting at the shelters. Both remind us of The Island of Misfit Toys but these pets and toys are not broken; they just haven’t found their perfect home yet.

Mama “Monster” had this idea when she was at TJ Maxx last month and saw all these dog toys on clearance ($2.99 each instead of $10). Of course she couldn’t resist! She grabbed everything that was on clearance and went back a couple of times to grab a few more. She got about 3 dozen toys. They made her think of The Island of Misfit Toys, and these clearance/”unwanted” toys are just the perfect companions to cheer up the dogs sitting at shelters for ages, who some may see as unwanted as well.

So what we want to do is to ask you to do the same — go to your discount retailer or pet supply store and look for toys on clearance and buy them for the unwanted pets in shelters. It may not look like a lot of toys if you only buy one or two, but if you go back every time and get one — ’til Christmas — you will have a lot! And you can either send it to the shelter directly or send it to us so we can do a big drop before Christmas. Or you can bring it to the no-kill shelters in your area (mailing does get expensive).

In addition, a spa owner asked us where she can donate her old sheets/blankets (she changed them a few times a year). She thought it was a shame to throw them away because they were good organic sheets. So we thought maybe we can also include blankets/sheets and everything else that people don’t want anymore. Maybe other spas can see that this is a great option for them and do the same. Of course everything has to be clean and for dog toys, they have to be new (you know when you give old toys to your “monsters” they kinda look at you funny, right? BOL!)

To help as many homeless pets as possible, we’re getting the help of our “Monster” Elves so not only we lift their spirits, we also bring attention to the good shelters and the various good causes they represent. We figured if we did it only on this page, we will reach a good amount of people but if we invited some of our “Monsters”, we can get enough exposure to reach more people that it can be a yearly campaign. Each one of these “Monsters” advocated for different aspects, are in different parts of the country and it’ll be a great way to reach more people and yield better results.

Being in a shelter is not fun for any pets. Together, we can make a difference in their world while they wait for their forever homes.


New, unwrapped toys, squeakers, balls & ropes.

Clean blankets, quilts, sheets. Used items are OK as long as they are in a good shape.

New, packaged, preferably healthy and not made in China. Please, no rawhide.

Mail your items to the addresses listed below & we will do a big drop at the end of year to select shelters. You can also donate directly to the shelter of your choice. Either way, we (and the shelter pets) thank you.


I’m Not a Monster
138 73rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209


Reggie The Deaf Pitbull
114 Kellyn Oaks Drive
Conroe, TX 77306

The Forgotten Pets
14420 Fondren Road
Missouri City, TX 77489


Triangle Imaging Center
501 Pinner Weald Way Ste 102
Cary, NC 27513

Skyler the Therapy Dog
2962F St Marks Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27103


The Daughter Bulls Chessure & Alice
435 E. Mentor St.
Philadelphia, PA 19120


Oshkosh Area Humane Society
1925 Shelter Court
Oshkosh, WI 54901



  1. Yonkers Animal Shelter (NY)
  2. Ulster County SPCA (NY)
  3. Second Chance Rescue (NY)
  4. Hamilton County Humane Society (IN)
  5. Wake SPCA (NC)
  6. SPCA of the Triad (NC)
  7. PAWNC (NC)
  8. Sheboygan County Humane Society (WI)
  9. Treat ’em Right Rescue (TX)
  10. St. Francis’ Angels (TX)
  11. The Forgotten Pet Advocates (TX)
  12. Clay County Animal Care & Control (FL)
  13. Pit Sisters (FL)
  14. SLCo Pit Crew (UT)
  15. Cares4Pets (PA)
  16. Burbank Animal Shelter (CA)
  17. Glendale Humane Society (CA)
  18. Friends of Animals Foundation (CA)
  19. Humane Society of the South Platte Valley (CO)
  20. Oshkosh Area Humane Society (WI)
  21. Pima Animal Care Center (AZ)
  22. Sweet Paws Rescue (MA)
  23. Northeast Ohio SPCA No-Kill Pet Shelter (OH)



♥ Lady Bug the Pibble Mix — Representing Unwanted “Monsters” fighting for Death Row dogs in shelters

Reggie The Deaf Pit bull — Representing Special “Monster” for all special needs dogs & rescue transport

Laila Ali — Representing Litter “Monsters” fighting against backyard breeders/puppy mills

Jagger — Representing ex-Dogfighting “Monsters” fighting against dogfighting and for rehabilitation of ex-dogfighters

Louis Vuitton the Pit Bull — Representing Abused “Monsters” fighting for tougher laws for animal abusers

Cassie’s Corner (Senior Dog on Craigslists) — Representing Craigslist & Senior “Monster” fighting for Craiglist pups, unwanted Seniors and chained dogs

Elle The Pit Bull — Representing Therapy “Monsters” bringing cheer and changing perceptions through therapy work

Frankie, I’m a lover not a fighter — Representing Therapy “Monsters” bringing cheer and changing perceptions through therapy work

Skyler the Therapy Dog/Positive Pit Bull Awareness — Representing Therapy “Monsters” bringing cheer and changing perceptions through therapy work

Gracie the Pittie — Representing Throwaway “Monster” for all the abused dogs tossed in the trash to die

Oliver’s Clubhouse — Representing Homeless “Monster” looking for a home of their own where they would feel safe & loved

Lucy the Wonderbull — Representing Abandoned “Monsters” advocating for positive pit bull discussions, adoption & press

Cudacares.org — Representing Litter “Monsters” fighting against backyard breeders/puppy mills

Daughter-Bulls’ Chessure C. and Alice H. — Representing Emotional Support “Monsters” bringing cheer & changing perceptions as service animals

Moagley Pibbles (From Liz to Loved) — Representing Unwanted “Monsters” looking for a home of their own where they would feel safe & loved

Blessings of Bella — Representing Special “Monsters” advocating for black dogs, one-eyed dogs & sharing love with those in need

Tiger – The Gentle Pei-Bull — Representing Scared “Monsters” living on borrowed time in dangerous kill shelters

Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer — Representing Rescued “Monsters” bringing smiles & raising awareness to help find a cure for canine cancer

Booker the Pit Bull Service Dog — Representing Rescued “Monsters” given a second chance, changing minds as Service Dogs & Ambassadogs

♥ Toby — Representing Litter “Monsters” promoting spaying & neutering in dogs and cats

♥ Tag-a-Roo * Vet Burn Awareness — Representing Rescued “Monster” educating people about thermal burns caused by veterinarians

We love you and we thank you for striving to make the lives of homeless pets better while they wait for their forever homes.


*includes low-kill shelters who have demonstrated large strides in decreasing euthanasia rates, aiming for no kill status