Dogs and Sunglasses

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Sunglasses for dogs? No way! But then I met Sonny Ray, the sunglasses-wearing pit bull, and he really looks very cool with it.

It may seem like a wacky idea, but sunglasses and other types of eyewear for dogs have many uses besides the obvious style benefits. Are sunglasses for dogs just what the doctor ordered? Sonny Ray‘s vet thinks so because his eyes are so light.

But seriously: Is your dog walking into things all the time by accident or having a hard time finding his toy collection? Does your dog grimace or paw at his face when faced with the sun’s bright yellow rays? Maybe you just have a style-conscious dog who likes to stay on top of what’s cool in the fashion world. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then there is probably a pair of specs out there that will solve their problem!

Corrective Eyewear
But sometimes you need them because your dog is losing his/her eyesight. Just like humans, dog’s eyesight can fade and dogs with fading eyesight or severe vision problems tend to be easily frightened and may be more likely to bite when they get startled. Handling a dog’s disability can be challenging and heartbreaking, but a pair of prescription glasses can help immensely. Many owners of dogs with difficulty seeing swear by them.

If you are in need of prescription glasses for your dog, a veterinary ophthalmologist can examine your dog and determine the best course of action to solve your dog’s vision problems and even write you a prescription tailored to your dogs needs. This prescription is then sent to a company like Doggles and often at a cost of fewer than $100.

Prescription glasses for dogs are helping dogs see better everyday. If your dog has a vision problem due to cataracts or even just because of a natural decline in eyesight because of aging, it would be a good idea to look into prescription glasses so that your dog can lead a happy and healthy life.

Some dogs’ eyes are really sensitive to sunlight, and all dogs need protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays. A pair of doggie sunglasses are a great way to block out UV light and will make sunlight easier on the eyes of dogs who are sensitive to it.

The frames and lenses of sunglasses for dogs are available in many different colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair to match your dog’s look and personality. Dog shades are also fun for all the doggies who like to dress up and look cool.

Protective Eye Wear
Eyewear for dogs can also be used to protect the eyes of dogs who like to ride in cars with their heads out the window, on motorcycles, or in truck beds. These fun-loving passengers can get pieces of dust and other foreign objects in their eyes when unshielded. But with a cool pair of glasses or sunglasses, not only would Fido look awesome with his head out the window of your car just enjoying the breeze in his fancy new goggles, he would also be much safer as well. Protective Doggles are also used to protect the eyes of police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other services dogs while on the job.

And, who can blame your dog to want to look as cool as Sonny Ray? And the girls love him!

BTW, Sonny wear human sunglasses because his massive head just managed to hold on to them. He’s gone running and even hiking with them with no problem!

Photo Courtesy of Joshua Reyes, Sonny Ray’s dad