BlogPaws 2013: Recap

Photo by Long Island Pet Professionals ~ and yes, we covered the face of da Mama “Monster”

A quick recap of our adventure at BlogPaws 2013 in DC

During the very busy BlogPaws Conference with hundreds of pet lovers and brands in one place, Mama “Monster” was most excited she got to meet a bunch of  her “Monsters” and some of their humans:

We had a great Pittie Pawty Happy Hour! Jeanne Taylor Photography / Pet Portraits who does many pittie event photos in the DC area also dropped by.

 We also got to meet lots of other people, spread the word about who we are, our mission and invite others to join us. We met some pittie lovers ~ Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog, Steve Dale the radio host, Positively Woof,, Foster Dogs NYC, Heart Like A Dog, Hugs and Whiskers (and DaVinci Foundation for Animals), and more!

Frankie & Steve Dale
Lucy & her Dad
Zoey, photo by Andrea Arden from Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog

Unfortunately, no pittie blog won any of the awards. No worries, we’re aiming for next year! What’s important: We sure did have a lot of fun! Didn’t you see Frankie & Zoey’s outfits! 🙂

Our Wishlist for 2014:

  • Would love to have more talks about Therapy dogs, Service dogs or Emotional Support Dogs, especially with veterans and the dogs trained to be their support animals
  • Would love to have talks about handicapped pets and the brands that help them (wheelchair, hydrotherapy rehab, etc.)
  • Would love to have seen more talks about rescues and how to use blogging and social media to help
  • Maybe some can be in a workshop format, a more hands-on approach pairing groups with experts
  • How about using the trips outside the venue as a photography workshop? Next year’s BlogPaws will be at Lake Las Vegas. It would be wonderful if the visit is to a no-kill shelter like Little Friends Foundation and people can donate their time to take photos and write a feature to promote the shelter’s good work as well as their animals.

Maybe that is too altruistic but maybe it’s not. We know we’ve met many rescue-minded people and brands, and it’s good to want good things to be better things.

Next year we can do this again and this time, let’s make the “Monsters” shine! 🙂

p.s. Oh, yeah: Frankie is totally a lover! Hehe…

Frankie with Korean Airlines’ flight attendants
And thank you, Zoey’s mom Kelly for making this one of Mama “Monster” & Frankie. We love you all! ♥