A story about Blue

A fictional story by LEO the Lion Hearted

Blue, a pit bull mix, happily walked down the street that his family lived on. He had often dug his way out of the back yard, but he only wanted to check out the neighborhood and would always return home. This day was however, different.

Four young men caught sight of Blue in the distance. When they got up close to him, they grabbed him by the collar and began to drag him down the street. They took him to the neighborhood park and began to kick and hit him. Blue yelped out in pain, but his screams for help went unanswered. The boys found some large sticks and rocks near by, which they began to pelt him with. One of the boys pulled out a pocket knife. He stabbed Blue over a dozen times and then cut off one of his ears. He was left in the park, near the swing set, in a pool of blood. He suffered a very slow and painful death…

One the last beat left his heart, he found himself in the most beautiful place he has ever seen. The beauty was something that words cannot begin to describe. Blue soon realized that he was no longer in pain. He held his head up and standing in front of him was a man. He cringed at first, but the man’s welcoming hand soon calmed his fears…

The man told Blue, “I am so sorry for the circumstance that brought you here to me, but I promise there can be no ore pain now. I feel deep sorrow for the way you were brutally treated and I wanted to offer you a chance to go back to Earth for one more day. You will get a single day to do whatever you want. You can seek revenge on the evil boys that attacked you. You can take them down with your strong teeth. You can ravage their bodies and leave them laying in their own pools of blood. I wish you the best and will stand behind anything you feel you need to do.”

Blue took in a deep breath and prepared himself for his one day mission back to Earth. He blinked his eyes and when they opened again, he was back at the park where his fresh blood still stained the ground…

Blue took a mad dash down the street. His teeth were gleaming in the Summer sun. He had drool dripping from his mouth in strands that seeped to the ground. He was a dog on a serious mission. He ran faster than he ever has and he was set intently on a figure in the distance. When he grew close enough he leaped through the air and knocked down… a nine year old girl. He dripped slobber all over her and opened his mouth wide. He pelted her with hundreds of licks, while she giggled with joy…

The little girl said, “Blue, where have you been? I have been looking for you. Mom said you would be back soon, but I was worried.” She walked to the back gate, while Blue followed right behind her. They went into the backyard and played for many hours. She threw his favorite ball, they played chase, they rolled in the grass together and then Blue laid in the sun while his little girl used him as a pillow.

That night Blue slept cuddled up next to his little girl, as close as he could get. He normally slept at the foot of her bed, but this night was definitely different.

The morning came fast and Blue’s hours on the Earth were fading. He spent the morning keeping up with everything his family did. He took it all in, knowing that he would have to leave them again and all too soon.

One full day passed and Blue was prepared to go back. He knew that he spent his last day in the most wonderful way ever. He had totally forgotten about the pain that the young men had caused him. In some ways, he was thankful that they showed him how much his family meant to him. Blue stepped out into the yard one more time and glowing in the distance he saw the man who blessed him with one more day.

The man grew closer and Blue closed his eyes. He expected to open them again and be back up high in the sky. However, he felt a soft touch on his head and heard a voice, which said, “Blue, I have been watching you. I saw you run like a speedball down the street. I saw you spend your entire day with your little girl. I saw you take in each moment with an immeasurable joy. Your choice not to take down the young men who hurt you is one of the most admirable things I have ever seen. Your compassion and joy is something that this Earth needs. I am going to pay back your kindness and unbelievable forgiveness with one more blessing. I am going to give you back your life on earth, just like thing were before you were hurt.”

Blue opened his eyes and the man was gone. He looked around to find that he was still in his backyard. He heard a noise, turned to look back and saw his precious little girl.

Blue is a lesson in revenge and what is EVEN BETTER than revenge.

Vengeance is short and somewhat sweet, but LOVE is never ending.


About Leo Alexander Hitt aka LEO the Lion Hearted:

I love life. I only have three legs, but I run like I have five (now that would look weird — LOL!). I was found dragging myself across a street. Those were some hard times, but life is totally different now. I am all about Spreading The Love. I have lots of love to give and I feel it is my job to pass it around. I am working towards becoming a therapy dog. I hope to one day share my courage and strong will with those who are going through tough times. For now I enjoy keeping up with my Facebook page and having as much fun as possible.